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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 15, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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saturday. >> we have had to rescue anywhere from as many as 10 people from their vehicles after their cars have become disabled in standing water. >> high waters flooded out several businesses, like this one in south baltimore. water was three to 5 feet deep, making it impossible for delivery trucks to make it to the service day. and in highlandtown, -- i have been working here for four years -- >> i have been working here for four years and it has never been like this. >> it mostly happened in about a 20 to 30 minute time frame. it was pretty crazy. >> the folks in jerryell saw the worst of mother nature's fury. -- cherry hill saw the worst of mother nature's fury. 20 families were displaced. >> these residents in particular had approximately 4 feet of water and a number of a decent dwellings in at 3400 block have
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suffered. >> the red cross is taking care of those 20 displaced families and will do so over the next couple of days while their homes are being cleaned. i called a number of jurisdictions and baltimore city, and amazingly, no deaths or injuries were associated with this rain. it is amazing because of how much we got. we will go live to tom tasselmyer. i have not been able to play golf lately. maybe a boat is in store? >> perhaps so, maybe a trip down the creek. we do have slightly better news from the weather center compared to where we have been over the weekend and into today. these are the estimates from radar. you can see anywhere from 4 to 8 inches near the pennsylvania
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line. 10 to 12 inches from southern cecil county into kent and queen anne's county. four to 8 inches of rain in the last two days for baltimore city. a bull's-eye on the border between montgomery and prince george's county. here's the good news. it is pretty dry run the baltimore city iran this hour. -- around baltimore city at this hour. the more significant rains are shifting to the south and east. the trend is a drying trend as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours or so. more details coming up in just a few minutes. >> when the storm hits, viewers started sending in photos and we want to thank you for your coverage. you can send your pictures to ulocal at our website and you can get the weather
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forecast on facebook. it just become a friend of wbal tv and like the page. >> a hefti bank account as she heads to the september primary. her campaign reports that since mid january, the main -- the mayor has raised $8,500. -- $85,000. by contrast, mayor sheila dixon had raised $1.2 million by the same time. all candidates in the city races are due tomorrow night. and another kennedy joined the presidential ring, another bows out, and a third has moved into contention. >> texas gov. rick perry is shaking up the gop field and turning it into a three-way race.
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texas gov. rick. muscling in on congresswoman michelle baachman -- rick perry is muscling in on congresswoman michelle baachman's turf. there are poised to battle it out to represent the conservative wing of the republican party. >> get out of the way and let the private sector do what it knows how to do. >> he stressed lack of experience in the private sector during a campaign stop in new hampshire. >> having an understanding of how the economy works in the real economy is essential in the white house. >> his entry into the race complicates things for romney, who most polls show is the front-runner. >> he will have to fight it out to go out there and do more campaign. >> and president obama took aim
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at the presidential gop hopeful for the blanket opposition to new taxes as a means for cutting the deficit. >> that is just not common sense. >> his approval rating is down to 39%. >> it was an alarm bell telling the country, the race is on. >> the white house stresses this bus tour is not a campaign swing, but it has taken him through three states that were key in his election. whites and men was arrested in connection -- >> a man was arrested in connection with one of three burglaries this summer that involved a police in person nation. he allegedly broke in, it tied at victims and robbed them, all while dressed as a policeman. he is also accused of shooting
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one of the victims of the neck. a judge has agreed to hold the main suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner. that means gary giordano will be held for several more days. >> the hearing to decide whether the suspect should continue to remain in police custody was scheduled and rescheduled over an eight hour time frame. the stakes were high on both sides. >> [unintelligible] >> gary giordano has been held at the police station in aruba since august 6. that is the day he was detained
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by authorities there. they felt he was not forthcoming about what happened on august 2. he had been snorkeling with a traveling companion. he said they were being pulled out to sea and he signaled her to go too short, but says she never made it. and later in the day, a decision was made to -- also of interest, his offer to take the teenaged daughter of a woman he met on- line for remodeling trip to aruba. >> his family says they are confident in the decision made by the aruban authorities to hold him and say they're pleased with how they have handled the case. >> rev. dr. zachery tims was
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senior prejean on youtube. he is originally from baltimore -- prejean on youtube. the is a richly from baltimore and moved to florida in 1996 and started the new destiny christian center in orlando. the ticket from six members to 8000. -- he took it from six members to 8000. he was known on the internet as the fresh prince of preachers because of his striking resemblance to will smith. he was 42 years old. >> jurors listen to more testimony of the dna evidence as the john wagner trial begins. he is the man accused of killing a johns hopkins researcher as he walked home from penn station. barry simms joins us from the courthouse downtown.
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>> we learned today that two people lived with john wagner gave investigators some crucial evidence. tyrene williams flag down an officer and told them she had evidence about the robbery and there was also dna and fingerprint evidence today. >> experts testified in the murder, robbery conspiracy trial of john wagner. no prints were found at the crime scene, jurors were told, but a visible print was found later, of the defendants girlfriend. the victim was robbed and killed in july of last year while
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walking to his home. the was talking on his cell phone to his mother in florida when he was attacked. jurors also heard more dna evidence when experts testified about blood found on the door handle and an outdoor door of the apartment where john wagner lived with his girlfriend, her cousin, and five other adults. the analyst told jurors that blood samples contained dna of the victim. she also said the victims' blood was on a plaque folding knife and a white tennis shoe -- on a black folding knife and a white tennis shoe found inside the apartment. investigators believe they belonged to wagner. the defense claims that his girlfriend's cousin robbed and killed the victim.
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>> the baltimore city council has a message for the u.s. postal service. >> return to sender. >> hear what could happen if the fed to go through with the proposed post office closures. >> i am at reagan's training camp where the focus for improvement falls to the office -- raven's training camp where the focus for improvement falls to the offensive line. >> a flood watch remains in effect tonight, but there is some drier weather. 72 degrees at b.w.i. marshall,
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>> it is time for us to step up and say, not so. not so, return to sender. we do not want it. that is a woman commenting about a list of possible postal service closures. today, the baltimore city council wants to be returned to sender campaign, introduced the resolution to get local post offices off of that list. >> we cannot afford to lose these post offices ended you are sitting in a zip code that is not affected, get ready. there is no plan except to double up in your zip code with all of the people and mail that is involved. we will be in lines that never end to buy a roll of stamps.
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>> one council member is asking city residents to get in touch with their councilperson for a coffee of -- copy of the petition form. >> you do not have to be a racing fan to taking advantage of these events. indy cars will race into downtown baltimore for the weekend. also, many restaurants and attractions will be offering discounts for the week. some of those parties bidding include discover and the science center. >> we wanted to put some activities together that everyone else can enjoy. >> we have a complete list of part of the beating venues and events at our website >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a couple of soggy days across
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the state of maryland and now the rain is the -- shifting slowly to the south and east of baltimore. there are still some rains that are coming from pennsylvania into hagerstown. but the bulk of the problematic for in -- flooding rains are now south and east of baltimore. the nasty storms are along the potomac river in the mary county and drifting further to the south and east. one storm moving south at 19. it could be producing hail and heavy downpours. we are not completely done with the rain just yet. on this 15th day at all -- of august, less than two tenths of an inch of rain at b.w.i. marshall. was a further south -- where was
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it? it was further south in some locations and further north in others. the rain was kind of scattered, if you will, that he is of the downpours. up to a foot in parts of cecil county and queen anne's county. 10-12 inches of rain it was not uncommon. other areas, not quite as much. it was variable, but if you got underneath one of those slow- moving storms, you certainly got some tropical rain. if it is raining in your neighborhood, it helps to cool the temperature of a little bit. 74 in hagerstown, 61 in oakland. a chance for a shower thunderstorm early tonight and then mostly cloudy.
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tomorrow is this what storm pulls away, high pressure will begin to pull in, bringing a drying trend for the next couple of days. lots of sunshine and debated on wednesday. tomorrow, a part of a cloudy sky 81-86, and a northwest breeze on the day. picture-perfect summer weather in the mountains tomorrow. partly cloudy, just a few fair weather clouds, at 72 degrees. the rain chance goes up to about 30% to 40% at ocean city tomorrow. tropical storm gert just brushing the bermuda, but it is not a threat now. all eyes are on this tropical wave coming into the caribbean.
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that is the next system we will have to watch to see if harvey develops over the next few days. lots of sunshine wednesday. a beautiful summer day. a slight risk of storms thursday. a better chance of thunderstorms on friday. partly cloudy on saturday and sunday. >> from this has can have a sports center, this is a love of sports. -- the susquehanna bay sports center, this is 11 sports. >> after a researcher in the off-season, explosive speed. -- after wrist surgery in the off-season, explosive speed. on defense, first-round draft pick, jimmy smith and gary williams both running at cornerback and first-team
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defense keeps trying to create as much competition as possible. they will be trying to improve the play of the offensive line this week. john reid has all of one game experience. marshall gaudette is out, suffering for -- marshall is out, suffering from back spasms. cameron has let john reid know he needed to continue to compete and the team needs him to continue to improve for the ive potential. >> in my mind he is either going to be playing or one or two plays from flat -- from playing.
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>> next up for the ravens, the ravens take on the kansas city chiefs, the team they crushed last year in the opening round playoffs. the simulcast begins at 7:30 p.m. you can hear as well on 98 rock with the ravens broadcast team. for the those who have had so little to celebrate, they have who have had soo's, little to celebrate, they have this honor to celebrate. 10 rbis, most in the american league. -- tan rbi's, most in the
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american league. -- 10 rbi's, the most in the american league. stick around for the forecast rate head. -- straight ahead.
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fox is expected police impersonator is now in custody after a string of robberies. tonight, of stories may be looking for more suspects. and president obama's new approval numbers may affect his election bid. these stories and more
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>> some dry weather and sunshine would be nice. some more showers tomorrow and many beautiful wednesday. a slight chance of storms thursday and friday, but the weekend looks really nice. >> thank you for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the captioned by the national captioning institute
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